Bonsai trees

Bonsai trees

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If you are looking to Gift or wanted to send something different to your beloved ones then why don’t you Go Green with an ECO-friendly Bonsai Tree? Giving a bonsai tree as a gift is a gesture of respect and a harbinger of good fortune. They symbolize harmony, honor, patience, as well as happiness among friends and family. Bonsai Tree is easy to care for while giving the recipient work of living art that they can craft into a perfect in-house or front-yard companion. Bonsai trees can stand as symbols of love, and eternity, and of the link between us and the natural world. Buy Bonsai Trees & Accessories at Bonsai Boy Of New York and Save 25% By Using Bonsai Boy Coupon.

When Is The Best Time To Give A Bonsai Tree As A Gift

Giving Gifts to your loved ones doesn’t need any special occasion you can gift any time whenever you wanted to but still here are some special occasions we are going talk about that you can give Bonsai Tree as a Gift.

Send a Bonsai

Our Top Five Occasions For Giving A Bonsai Tree As A Gift


Christmas is the best time to gift Bonsai Trees, One of the awesome things about Bonsai trees is that there’s no need to give them as gifts right away. If you want to go the extra mile, you could pick up a Bonsai with the intent of crafting it into a perfect gift over a course of months.

Imagine giving your loved one a Christmas Bonsai that’s shaped to look just like a miniature Christmas tree With added decorations, you could craft one of the most memorable holiday gifts ever, or create a centerpiece of your family’s own Christmas celebrations for years to come. It would also fit in perfectly with a miniature nativity scene, adding extra life to this beloved birth.


A Bonsai planted in the love of God will surely not be torn up by its roots. Your Easter Bonsai could also be worked into your overall Easter celebrations, such as a surprise waiting at the end of an Easter Egg hunt with the final eggs nestled underneath.

Earth Day / Arbor Day:

Bonsai trees are truly the perfect gift for environmental holidays. Consider giving an outdoor Bonsai tree for these occasions, so it can be planted outside and stand as a reminder of your love of the planet for all to see.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day also can be an occasion to gift Bonsai Tree, Nothing is truly forever, but Bonsai trees can come close. Sure, diamonds have been around for longer, but which would you rather use to represent the eternal bond between you and your loved one: A hunk of stone, buried in the earth, formed through immense heat and pressure? Or a living, growing entity, cared for lovingly, which can stand as the symbol of your love throughout the rest of your lives?

Giving a Bonsai tree to your special someone says that you intend to be with them for a very long time.


Really, there’s no bad time to give the gift of a Bonsai tree, but birthdays are an excellent excuse. Unlike some electronic gadgets that will be antiquated or broken in a couple of years or other short-term presents, a Bonsai tree is truly the birthday gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to the long lifespans of Bonsai trees, this is a present that your loved ones can never outgrow, and will never go out-of-date.

Where To Buy Best and Cheap Bonsai Trees Online

Well, there are many online merchants that offer bonsai trees but here I am going to talk about one of the best and top online merchants that offers a huge variety of Bonsai Trees & Accessories. Bonsai Boy Of New York is the largest supplier of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the internet offering hundreds of items at low wholesale prices at

Bonsai Boy sales of a variety of bonsai, including junipers, Azalea, Rosemary, Brush Cherry, New Zealand Tea Rose, Citrus Trees, Snow Rose Serissa, and much more. Bonsai Boy’s unique trees and fountains range in price from under $20.00 to several hundred dollars and with Bonsai Boy Coupon Code you Save More.

Bonsai Boy also Offers, Artificial Trees! you can find a variety of “Artificial Bonsai” and “Wire Sculpture”. Don’t have time to care for them like living trees and you won’t have to water them!

Bonsai Boy offers an extensive selection of quality bonsai Tools, Supplies, & Accessories in both Beginner and Professional grades. Browse Bonsai Boy’s large selection of bonsai pots, soils, tree nutrients, insecticides, figurines, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and much more. Consider our moisture meter, a vital tool used to take the guesswork out of watering.

If You don’t know who or any experience to grow Bonsai Trees You don’t need to worry about that Because Bonsai Boy Of New York also offers a variety of books containing expert advice on growing, training, and caring for bonsai trees for both beginning and experienced growers.

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