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Weighted Evolution is premium bamboo weighted blankets that improve sleep, lower anxiety, and increase well-being. Save 25% Off On Every order with Weighted Evolution Coupon Code.

Weighted Evolution Blankets created with the good stuff, our baby-soft Bamboo fabrics blend the ideal amount of bamboo fibers and ethically sourced spandex with thoughtful design so you can sleep soundly and wake refreshed. It’s softer on the skin, cleaner and more cooling than cotton. Best of all, it uses much less water to grow and produce. Combined with a high-performance proprietary Inner Weighted blanket design, it is a match made in heaven for the optimal sleeping experience.

Weighted Evolution products are a perfect match for those that struggle with ADHD, GAD, Insomnia, ASD, SPD and many additional mental/behavioral disorders. Health-conscious people and biohackers equally are excited to try weighted blankets to optimize their performance. The research shows that through the application of deep pressure stimulation serotonin and melatonin production increases and cortisol hormones decrease.

Weighted Evolution was founded by a long-time mental health advocate, Jeremy Golesh. Through a partnership with Tyler Bradfield (lead engineer), they teamed up to create a weighted blanket that cultivates the power of deep pressure stimulation through advanced design. They created a product that truly stands on its own with a thin, minimalistic design and thoughtfully sourced materials including organic bamboo fibers for maximum temperature regulation.

Weighted Evolution blankets make a substantial difference in the way you sleep. We incorporate the highest quality breathable temperature regulating fabrics, industry-leading design, and the most effective deep pressure stimulation (DPS) ever experienced in a weighted blanket. Be assured that you’ll wake up feeling more rested, less anxious, and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store. Helping You Thrive with Great Sleep.

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