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Unique Wellness Offer Adult Diapers, Briefs & Incontinence Products. Buy All Unique Wellness Products on Discount Price through Unique Wellness Coupons and Get Cheap Adult Diapers On Wellness Briefs.

Unique Wellness is award winning adult diaper is so innovative that it was featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and is designed to last 8 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions.

Unique Wellness briefs is not only absorbs dramatically more liquid than standard diapers but pulls it away from the skin and locks it in a separate layer leaving little or no opportunity for skin irritation and/or infection.

Unique Wellness briefs has a unique scheduled changing system and is therefore is one of the easiest to use. This is revolutionary because changes can actually be scheduled to only once in eight hours/ three in 24 hours putting the wearer or caregiver in control with no worry of any exposure to the effects of urine.

70% more cost effective than other diapers due to the minimal changes and rarely requires expensive creams or ointments. Unprecedented odor control. Also perfect for overnight use, travel or any time the wearer needs to go long periods of time without changes.

Unique Wellness products also are a basic need for those who are incontinent and also offer a level of dignity that has yet to be surpassed thus attracting repeat customers

Wellness briefs is a producer of world's most absorbent adult diapers and pull-ups with NASA inspired technology for men and women's. Order now and save with Unique Wellness Coupons, Coupon Code, Promo Codes and Discount Codes.

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